Alba Essays–Essay Correction, Editing, and Writing Guidance

At Alba Essays, we help you with all kinds of essays: TOEFL essays, IELTS essays, college essays, personal essays, admission essays, whatever you need.  All essays are checked by an American teacher with over 20 years of writing experience.

Essays will be edited and corrections will be mailed to you within 24 hours.*



TOEFL essays:  10$ per essay3293117576_05f43d8305_z

IELTS essays: 10$ Task 1, 15$ Task 2

Other essays: 10$ per 200 words and 5$ for every 100 words (personal essays, admission essays, literature essays, college essays)



 *In some circumstances, we cannot finish checking all essays within 24 hours.  If so, you will try to notify you by email.


Your essay will be corrected and comments added.  Please see the sample essay below:

Alba Essays Essay Correction sample

Alba Essays Essay Correction sample

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