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Your IELTS Essay Checked in 24 Hours

We check your IELTS essays within 24 hours!  An experienced American teacher will check your essays and return it to you in pdf format.

IELTS essays cost 10$ for Task One essays, and 15$ for Task Two essays.

Please send us your essays using the form below.  After you send the form, you will be asked for payment.  We use Paypal, and in Paypal, you can pay with your credit card or your Paypal account.

Using the Form

Name: Please write your first and last name here.  For example, Taro Suzuki.

E-mail: Please write your email address.  BE CAREFUL.  Do not make a mistake in your email address.  If you make a mistake, you cannot receive your corrected essay.  Please contact us if you have done so.

Task:  Please tell us what task you are doing.

Question:  Please type or paste the IELTS essay question.  (Do you need a topic to write about?  This web page has many topics, as well as some good advice. )

Essay: Write your essay.  Please make an empty line between paragraphs.

Send: After you finish, click send.  The form will bring you to Paypal where you can pay the essay checking fee.  You may use either paypal or a credit card (Paypal will give you both options.)

BE CAREFUL!  We cannot check your essay if you do not pay the fee.

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